VICTOR RIMAC MOUNTAIN EXPEDITIONS was created by two visionary brothers who wanted to make their dream of opening a business and growing in the adventure tourism sector in the Andes a reality.

In fifteen years, the company has adapted according to the changing reality of tourism in the Andes. With every expedition, we learn and grow.

VICTOR RIMAC MOUNTAIN EXPEDITIONS has extending its horizons, providing our signature service in different Andean countries and the Himalayas. Today we have offices in Argentina, Bolivia, Nepal, along with our headquarters in Peru.

Today we provide completely personalized services, ensuring that our clients have a one-of-a-kind trip. Over the years, we have worked hard with the sole purpose of providing our top-quality services while also ensuring sustainable and inclusive tourism. We hold a commitment to excellence and quality that go beyond business.

The development of our company has been defined by new and better services that generate the same confidence as always. Over the years, we have gained our customers’ preference because they know they can trust in us to provide incomparable service.

“The mountains offer us a mystical place between nature, the universe and ourselves”
“The mountains are calling you, follow the call with us as your guides.”